The litigious Carmel Valley Association (CVA) is at it again, suing the county over the proposed Rancho Canada Village housing project (PineCone January 20, 2017). It was not long ago that the CVA filled its coffers by virtue of another lawsuit filed against the county. They must be running out of money.

People in the valley ought to be aware that the CVA is not the only group that monitors what is going on in the Valley. I am a member of the G16 Coalition. We attempt to provide a commonsense interpretation of the projects and proposals that affect the homeowners in Carmel Valley. We were solidly against incorporation which proved to be the correct position, given the economic downturn of the past 8 years. We do not feel that filing lawsuits should be the normal course of business.

The G16 Coalition received a briefing on the proposed project many months ago. We believe that Mr. Williams and the members of this project have done a professional and complete job of creating a proposal that addresses all the issues and regulations of this project in a very commonsense way.

I was also a member of the Carmel Valley Land Use Advisory Commission which received two separate presentations about this project. It was as well thought-out as any project that was presented to us while I was a member.

We feel that this project should be approved and that the lawsuit should be summarily dismissed as trivial and obstructionist.

Published in Carmel PineCone February 24, 2017