by Lawrence Samuels

At the October meeting of the Carmel Valley Road Committee, it was announced that Monterey County planners are considering a new ordinance to control and charge fees for special events in Carmel Valley. A local nursery, which also operates a wedding business, is upset over home owners who occasionally rent out their homes to weddings.

If a new ordinance is enacted to micromanage occasional special events, Pandora’s Box will be swung wide open, inundating people with complex paperwork, delays and high fees. This could impact homeowners, churches, and small businesses who organize, for instance, the Jewish Food Festival, chili cook-offs for homeless women, weddings at people's homes, bicycle races, native plants/flower shows, car events, short-term rents, dog shows at Carmel Middle School, outside food/antique vehicle events at restaurants, vineyard events, Carmel Valley Art and Wine Celebration, CV Ranch Roundup, horse shows—the list could be endless.

When a new source of revenue is involved, you know county planners and politicians will be first in line to get their share of the booty. I understand that Carl Holm at resource management for Monterey County is heading up the hearings for this ordinance. This is the time to speak up.