Published on Oct. 27, 2018, Monterey Herald

Next move: LoweringVoting age to 10

In a Herald front-page article I see that there is a local movement afoot to lower the voting age to 16. Well, why not go a little further! Let’s lower it to ten! Young people are very mature these days. They have been getting an excellent education, learning critical thinking and sound decision making. Indeed, it is time to let children run society. Adults have not been doing such a good job!

Of course, with lowering the voting age, we will have to lower the ages for drinking, driving, and military service. Some might object, but many nations have enlisted child soldiers to fight adult-caused wars. 

Currently, the Constitution prescribes that the president be at least 35. But once we have millions of middle- and high-schoolers voting, I’m sure that will be rectified. We could be the first nation to establish a “Lord of the Flies” society. What could possibly go wrong?