The G16 Coalition board voted in March of 2014 to oppose Measure O, a ballot initiative that will force the local water company to sell out to an ineffective and unpopular water agency – the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD). This same agency has spent over $150 million dollars in 35 years without providing a new source of water, its main mission.

MPWMD is currently being sued for violating state law, by one of the main leaders of WaterPlus, Ron Weitzman, who spearheaded the effort to put Measure O on the June 3 ballot. If the MPWMD is so awful, breaking state law, why would anyone want to give such a malfeasant government agency control over our local water?

Apparently irony-impaired, WaterPlus claims that water rates will be cheaper under a government agency, which is untrue. Just the heavy debt incurred to buy out Cal Am would put a high cost on water rates. All six Monterey peninsula mayors oppose Measure O because it will delay or destroy their plan to have Cal AM build a desalt plant so as to meet a strict, state-imposed deadline that will cut off most water pumped from the Carmel River basin.  See more details about Measure O from Scott Dick, president of the G16 Coalition.