G16 Coalition is a non-profit 501(c) 4 organization. Donations to G-16 are not a tax-deductible.

Our Board of Directors

Our executive committee is made up of volunteers.

Dawn Poston President
Franklin J. Lunding VP and Treasurer
Lawrence Samuels Secretary
Michael Addison Member-at-large
Carol Vetter Member-at-large

Our Goals

Developed by a consensus of long-time residents, business, and property owners.

  1. Protect the integrity of the infrastructure
  2. Preserve and enhance the rural nature and rural community governance
  3. Participate in community activities including community support organizations and projects
  4. Preserve, protect and improve the environment and residential, commercial and agricultural property rights and
  5. Communicate with elected officials and government entities on issues affecting the community

We are not ideologically motivated. We attempt to weigh the concerns of the residents, the businesses, and the property owners and provide input to the elected managers and feedback to the residents. We do NOT get involved with every issue and we do NOT deem ourselves as watchdogs trying to get involved with personal issues.

The members of this group were actively involved in defeating the move to incorporate Carmel Valley, a decision that was ultimately supported by the voters and vindicated by subsequent events that would have put the new city under great stress. We also opposed Measure O as a move that would not have solved our water problems; this too was supported by the voters. In both cases we posted our arguments on this website with the intent of informing our neighbors.



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